If there is one business model that always crop up in the list of the most engaging and most profitable businesses, then chances are this list include online casinos.

According to CNN, every year the industry generates billions of dollars of revenue. Just in lottery alone in the United States, the business generates more than $40 billion in US lottery sales (2003). And in Europe, the gambling market is worth EUR 84.9 billion, as tracked by the European Commission. This means that online casino is a profitable business, and those who want to dip their fingers in the industry will be given opportunities to grow their businesses and take advantage of customer engagement. But in order to make this happen, interested business owners and casino enthusiasts should be aware of the basic processes and steps when it comes to starting and running an online casino.

Get professional help and choose the right provider

Running an online casino requires an understanding of the industry and games, and an appreciation of player requirements. For this step, interested business owners should choose the right software provider, and a team that can provide the gaming management systems and payment systems. More than the games, operators should also learn the laws and regulations specific to the region. This is where a professional team that specializes in gambling laws comes into the picture. This team can inform business owners about specific industry requirements and laws and regulations to be complied with. The casino operations can be considered a legal business, provided all legal requirements are met. The team can also help in applying for a license. The laws regulating online gambling are complicated to say the least, especially since there is such a diversity among regulatory frameworks in the EU. Some states retain a monopoly on offering gambling services, for instance. However, thanks to the harmonization of European law, operators with a license from an EU member state are allowed to offer gambling services in all other member states, regardless of what the local regulatory framework states. This is why it is a good idea to consult a professional when thinking about setting up an online casino – where you are licensed matters.

Once the legal aspects have been covered, then that is the time the operator can fully focus on marketing the online casino and the games. Also here you need to be familiar with the law – many countries ban the marketing of gambling services from mainstream media, for instance. Therefore, a continuous relationship with professional advisers is recommended.