Poker and its associated betting gives the players a real thrill that simply cannot be matched. If you are venturing into poker for the first time, you may find it overwhelming. Here we show you the basics so that you can get started in the easiest possible way.

Generally, each player is dealt five cards and will assess the strength of their hand before betting rounds ensue. In Stud Poker the player with the best hand wins, while in Draw Poker players attempt to improve their hands by trading up to four cards for new ones from the deck, during betting rounds.

The common betting options include raise, fold, call (when a bet is raised and the other players must decide whether to match the bet) and check (to cease betting if no one has raised the initial bet).

There are ten types of hands, and here we run through these, starting with the weakest:

1. A High Card – The highest card of the cards held
2. A Pair – Two cards with matching numbers
3. A Double Pair – Two pairs of cards are held
4. A Three of a Kind – Three cards with matching numbers
5. A Straight – Five cards run in sequence
6. A Flush – Five cards from the same family
7. A Full House – Made up of a pair and a three of a kind
8. A Four of a Kind – A hand that has four cards from the same family
9. A Straight Flush – The cards is the hands run in number order and come from the same family
10.A Royal Flush – All cards run in sequence, are of the same suit and end in an Ace

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Now it is up to you. Play a few games with friends or family and then head over to an online casino.