While some may enjoy online casinos for their sheer innovation and action-packed excitement, there are others that are keen to take home what can prove to be a truly massive jackpot. Of course, these payouts will vary from provider to provider but there are nonetheless some occasions that have produced virtual millionaires overnight. How do these jackpots work and what are some tips that can help you to win it big?

Progressive Scales

Most online jackpots are cumulative; they will grow larger with time. This will also have to do with how many players are members of a certain site. As a rule of thumb, the larger portals will boast higher jackpots and more frequent payouts. Still, some offer weekly jackpots of a specific size that are guaranteed to one or multiple lucky winners.

Betting Smart as Opposed to Hard

Winning a jackpot is a matter of statistics as opposed to mere luck alone. Most players will begin observing the figures once they reach a certain level and no one has yet claimed the reward. This timing is important, for aiming for a jackpot too early will lessen the chances of it being won. Also, the odds of winning are obviously increased in proportion to the number of games that you will play within a set period of time. As with many gaming principles, the strategy of “more being better” certainly applies here.Remember to keep in mind that a number of sites will regularly update the largest jackpots which are available. This will enable you to place yourself in the right position at the right time.