Since poker made the transition to online gaming platforms it has become even more popular. Many people are following suit and heading to online casinos to play poker rather than making long treks to a land based casino. There are however slight differences when playing online and here are just a few things to think about before making the change. Firstly it is important to have a good Internet connection. Everything is online, it is important that the game doesn’t stutter or freeze at key betting moments. To go along with this, it is important that all hardware such as the computer and its software are all fully functioning and up-to-date in order for the computer to run the game efficiently. Playing online also means a lot more sitting down. It is therefore important that the player finds a comfortable environment in which to play. This can be a quiet room or office that contains no distractions and that is comfortable to remain in for extended periods of time. Once playing the game, there are number of things that will improve the player’s game through strategies. This should include tactics such as playing low stakes games in the first instance in order to get a feel for the way the online game works. It is also sensible to start with very small bets. In addition to this, it is suggested that players play at a single table only before moving around to other tables. Once a player can win multiple times at one particular table then they can start to move around. It is tempting to multi-table during online games but it reduces the focus and can result in worse outcomes rather than better ones. There are many tips for playing online; most are similar to those when playing poker anywhere. With patience players will succeed.