The fun of playing in an online casino gets even better when you can do it for free. With free spins, bonuses and promotions, many websites want to give you even more for your money.

Bonus spins on slots

Slot machines are among the most popular games in casinos, online or in real casinos, and there are a number of ways to get free spins. Many casinos want to give you incentives to keep playing online and with this in mind, there are usually free spin bonuses and promotions available.

Some free spins are given when you sign up for an account and deposit money to play. You are usually given a number of free spins, depending on the amount you deposited. These free spins can be played along with your paid play, however some may have wagering requirements for you to fulfil before taking a payout.

The wagering requirement will depend on the website you are playing on. This is usually a set amount of money that you will have pay in and play, before you can take any winnings accumulated through free spins.

Free Slot Spins in Game Play

Another way to get free spins is during the actual game play. Some games offer free spins when a certain amount has been bet on the game or a slot combination has been rolled.

The free spins given at this time tend to be bonuses after you have played the game for a while. The casino will recognize that this is a game you favour above others, and offer you incentives to keep playing.

Casino games are even more fun when you get to play for free!